Victor Jara Festival: El Sueño Existe-The Dream Lives On

Virtual Festival on Zoom and Facebook


El Sueno Existe : Victor Jara festival of Latin American cultures and politics, normally in Machynlleth, West Wales, is on zoom this year, and facebook live from the sueno facebook page, so if you want to 'attend' any of the three evening sessions being planned at the moment here are the dates - zoom registration links will be out in a while - save the date(s) you fancy.

Each evening will be a series of shortish items, live singers, international zoomguests, short videos, short talks, poetry, dance, etc

Event 1 - Friday 31st July, 7.30pm-9pm: Chile Past and Present - 50 years on from Popular Unity, celebrating Allende and New Song + current struggles against neoliberalism

Event 2 - Saturday 1st August, 7.30pm-9pm: Amazon & Brazil in Crisis - environmental, political and indigenous struggles and resistance

Event 3 - Sunday 2nd August, 7.30pm-9pm: El Sueno Existe - Past & Future - past highlights 2005-2019, and El Salvador (July 2021 theme) taster - live links to communities commemorating Archbishop Romero and celebrating youth music and dance.